Lake Winnipesaukee

For a short time during my college years, I lived on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia, New Hampshire. The Winter days were bitter cold, and nobody was on the road – so doing donuts in my Pontiac Firebird down the Weirs Beach Road was perfect in the snow. The summers were jam packed with bikers, tourists and vacationers – but for a brief time, in mid to late Autumn, on a rare day when the wind wasn’t blowing and the air wasn’t so bitter; the lake was a mirror of the amazing colors bursting from the trees across the landscape. In 2008, I brought my girlfriend, now my wife, to see this place and it was just that one day that I’d described to her so many times. Shortly after this beautiful day, while we were in the White Mountains, the temperature dropped a good 25 degrees and my California sweetheart got a taste of the start of a New Hampshire Winter. It’s safe to say, we aren’t moving to Laconia any time soon.