Originally a Bostonian, a piece of my musical heart will always belong to the bands that surrounded me when I was a teenager – one of them being the Del Fuegos. The impact that Dan Zanes had on my musically as I started up the ladder will always be unforgettable – and honestly, I’ve been looking for years to find someone who nails down that 19 year old Dan Zanes style.

Last month I was working in Nashville and I took a moment to see who was playing in the bar at the Cambria Hotel – that’s when I discovered Jon Worthy. I was more than happy to immediately add three of his CDs to my catalog of favorites, and I’m happy to learn he’s amidst recording a fourth disc as I type this. I’m a fan, the music is great and the showman on stage is very much that young Dan Zanes that I never imagined I’d see in another artist. I hope this kid goes places.