I’ve had a blast shooting Richie Kotzen over the years, half the time I just watch in awe of how amazing an artist he is, the other half I shoot. This particular gallery was a from a favorite show I shot with the Winery Dogs in 2014 at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles. That night, fellow LA photog Alex Kluft was on hand, it just made the night better. We hung out after the show until the stage was cleared, the entire audience and most of the theater staff had gone home. From a crowded house to complete dark silence. It was very cool.

This video is a segment of the full show capture at the Canyon Club in 2014 (thank you Richie for letting me keep it online). It features some awesome bass work from Dylan Wilson too! During the show, you’ll see more than a half-dozen cameras on each side of the stage also taping the show, though I’ve never seen that video. The big top hat in the audience, down in the front, is Reinhold Bogner – just another of the multitude of amazing people who came to see and support Richie’s timeless performance.