Melrose is unique in that it’s an ever changing tide. I used to visit Hampton Beach in New Hampshire and at the far side of the beach, heading up toward the Maine border, there was a long sea wall that gathered a museum’s worth of ocean-made artwork to sort through between tides. What you saw today would be completely removed, washed out and re-set the next day with a host of new things to view. sure, they were still shells, rocks, dead crabs and the like, over and over, but each tide was new – none ever the same.

This is like Melrose to me. Go down early on a Sunday, like I did here, and take a look at the latest scrawls, paintings and stickers that have been laid out – some with care, others with no concern for how they got there, just that they are there. The next time you walk the street, say – in a few months, what you saw will be changed to some degree. Sometimes it’s an entirely new wall of art – other times, it’s that someone damaged the previous works or added their own handiwork to it. either way – it’s ever evolving.

What you’ve got here a bunch of stuff I randomly pointed the camera at during a walk I took on a Sunday morning. No framing, focus or artistry – no concern for how I got there, just that I was. Enjoy.